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Connecting the community through service and social opportunities

Who can partner and submit events and volunteer opportunities

The following organizations who serve Hancock County, Indiana are welcomed to submit an event on Hello Hancock:

  • City and Towns

  • Main Street Organizations

  • Chambers

  • Nonprofits

  • Service Groups

  • Churches         

  • Schools

How to Submit an Event

How to Submit a Volunteer Opportunity

How do I become a partner

Event Posting Guidelines

Appropriate Content:

  • Family friendly

  • Charitable events and fundraisers

  • Festivals

  • Social Gatherings

  • Cultural Opportunities like art shows

  • Church VBS and community dinners

  • Specific School Events

    • Plays

    • Choir

    • Proms

    • School Breaks

  • Specific government hosted public gatherings like festivals and concerts

Inappropriate Content:

  • On-going series or daily activities*

  • School sporting events with exception of state tournaments

  • Government meetings

  • Commercial promotion

  • Individual interests

  • Political campaigns

*If an event occurs over an extended period (i.e. weeks or months), enter the event information only on the starting date with the full timeframe indicated in the event description. Do not make daily entries for the period of the activity. If the event will run multiple months, you may add the event to the first of each month it will be accessible.

How to Edit my Events/ Volunteer opportunities/ Organization page

I lost my password, what do I do


Click on Log In

Then click on the Forgot Password? link

Enter the email address you used to sign up and click on Submit

You will receive an email shortly with a code. Enter the code to reset your password.


If you do not have an account yet, you can click on Sign Up.


How do I get 1:1 training on the new platform

Hello Hancock is powered by Betterflye and as a Hancock County Community Foundation partner, you have access to all the additional functionality Betterflye has to offer:

1. A  full volunteer management/scheduling system
2. Event management system with ticket sales
3. Fundraising platform: both for financial donations and in-kind donations (goods)
4. Communication tools to engage with your audience: emails, social posts, notifications etc.
5. Promote all your efforts centrally

To learn more, you can visit the Betterflye Academy or schedule a 1:1 training.

For direct support please email

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