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What's Your Impact?

All the tools you need to make a difference &
track your social Impact

About Betterflye

About Betterflye

Betterflye is the social impact platform that allows you to track, measure, and amplify the impact of your good actions and recognize others for the difference they make. 

Take charge of your social Impact

Easily find initiatives that match your needs

Create initiatives to support the causes you believe in

Access ratings and reviews before supporting an initiative or organization

Centrally track and manage your volunteer hours and donations 

Easily share your contributions with your school, employer or for your tax return

Measure the impact of all your contributions


Tak Charge of Your Social Impact
Centrall Track Your Efforts

Centrally Track Your actions

Log and track all of your volunteer hours and donations in one place 

Get contribution reports and statistics

Access and read all of the appreciations you received

Check your impact in a single dashboard

Amplify your Impact

Connect and collaborate with other participants

Share and invite friends to join you in supporting initiatives and organizations

Create your own sub-initiative to support an organization or existing initiative

Amplify Your Impact

Appreciate & reward others

Send personalized appreciations to those who have a positive impact in your life. Whether they made you smile or saved your life, share with them how thankful you are.

Elevate your appreciations by including a custom Impact badge and loading it with impact points. It will help the recipient increase their impact score and measure the impact of their actions.


Get more visibility on organizations and their actions to fulfill their mission

Rate and review initiatives and organizations

Receive ongoing updates on initiatives and their impact

Share your experience with others

Donations go straight to verified non-profit organizations



Measure your Impact

Do good & receive an appreciation with a badge and impact points

Join initiatives & receive impact points

More points get you a higher overall Impact score 

Access your impact dashboard to track progress

Run reports on all of your contributions


Measure Impact

The smallest things can have a big impact.
You are making a difference. 

Betterflye helps you track your good actions and measure their impact

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