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All the tools you need to make a difference &
track your social Impact 

About Betterflye

Betterflye is the social impact platform that allows you to centrally promote your initiatives, engage with your volunteers and donors and measure your impact in the community.


Elevate your organization

Share your mission and impact goals

Centrally promote and manage your initiatives and programs

Track your real impact in the community through impact ratings and reviews

Connect, engage and reward your supporters

Centralize your supporter management solution with powerful reporting tools

Build a strong community of supporters


Recruit & manage volunteers

Quickly and Easily set up modern volunteer initiatives


Reach a younger audience 


Communicate and engage with your volunteers effectively


Build a strong volunteer community - let them connect,  collaborate and spread the word

Manage volunteer initiatives, run reports and track hours.

Recognize and appreciate your best volunteers

Access the best in class event volunteer management software through our integration with myTRS 


Identify & appreciate your supporters

Track volunteers and donors contributions for each initiative

Track your supporters engagement with your organization and compare it with their overall social contributions

Send individualised appreciations to your supporters

Elevate your appreciations by including a custom Impact badge and loading it with impact points. It will help the recipient increase their impact score and measure the impact of their contributions


Raise money & manage your donors

Run fundraisers for free on Betterflye - No fee collected from us

Set up or connect your Stripe account. The money goes straight to your bank account - no delay

Let supporters create fundraisers on your behalf and the money raised goes straight to your account

Run detailed reports on the donations received

Thank your donors and keep them engaged by providing regular updates on the impact of the fundraiser


Centrally engage & manage your supporters

Your followers receive updates in their feed - from new initiatives to key announcement


Initiative based reports: donations, volunteers and impact for each initiative

Organization based reports: all your donors, volunteers across all the different initiatives

Individual engagement based reports - total volunteer hours, donations and initiatives each supporter  participated in with your organization and how it compares to their overall contributions


Provide transparency on your Impact

Share your mission and impact goals

Promote all of your initiatives in one place

Provide regular updates to  your supporters on the initiatives they joined and the impact of their contributions

Receive and share impact ratings and reviews

Publish your impact badges and impact card


Elevate your non profit organization to a For Impact Organization

Betterflye helps you engage with your supporters and measure your impact.